About Me

Hello, my name is Daniela Szukiel
I have practised as a Counselling Psychologist in NHS and in private practice since 2003.  I strive to provide excellence in psychological therapy with a focus on individual subjective experience and a social justice ethos.

I work flexibly, integrating psychological models and engaging with the recent research in the pursuit of knowledge that serves the interests of people and communities more broadly.

In the course of my own life, I experienced many of the challenges, losses and set-backs as well as joys and accomplishments that are experienced by people who come to me for help. I have also received my own in-depth therapy over several years so I am able to appreciate how it feels to be a client and what is needed for a successful change.

Through both my personal life and professional practice, I learned that the sooner help is received, the better. Modern life can be complex and stressful, demanding an individual to have good psychological adaptation. If that adaptation is fragile, a person may lose their “inner compass” and respond by withdrawing from life’s demands or from their own inner life or by overcompensating, ie responding too aggressively to the perceived threat. This often leads to making decisions that are not conducive to their well-being or achievement of life’s tasks. The longer this continues, the less options may be available.

However, I also discovered that it is never too late to improve something in your life that you really want to change, to learn new skills, treat yourself with compassion, to connect to yourself and to others and to find meaning and valued directions. In other words, it is never too late to start doing what you can with what you have, wherever you are right now.

If that sounds like something you might wish to consider, I suggest you contact me to arrange a FREE, no obligation and no hard sell Telephone Consultation so that we can think together whether the programmes I offer would be suitable for your needs or, if not, what other services might be right for you.

Professional Registrations

  • British Psychological Society Chartered Counselling Psychologist (Membership No 96128)
  • Health and Care Professions Council accredited Counselling Psychologist (Membership No PYL27878).
  • Member of the British Psychological Society Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors

Core Trainings
MSc Counselling Psychology (Roehampton University, 2010), Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Counselling Psychology (Roehampton University, 2011), Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (Roehampton University, 2007), Conversion Diploma in Psychology (Open University, 2000), BSc Psychology and Business Studies (London Guildhall University, 1998).

Other trainings

Certificate in Counselling Skills and Attitudes (Westminster Pastoral Foundation, 1998),  Diploma in the Application of Psychodynamic Theory to the Principles of Counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation, 2000);  Foundation Certificate in Biodynamic Massage (Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre, 2003), Mentalisation Based Treatment (Anna Freud Institute, 2016); Reflective Parenting: Increasing Mentalising in the parent-child relationship (Anna Freud Institute, 2016); Multi-family mentalisation based group training (Anna Freud Institute, 2016); Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors Training (Canterbury Christ Church University, 2017); Use of Imagery in CBT (BABCP training, 2017), Environmental Art Therapy (London Art Therapy Centre and privately with Ian Siddons Heginworth, 2018-2020), EMDR Parts 1-3 (EMDR Academy, 2020).

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