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When people come for the first session they often ask: “Why do I feel anxious? Why do I feel low? ”

Often, people struggle in life because their early experience has created patterns of thinking, feeling, acting and relating that, whilst helpful in childhood to survive difficulties present in their environment, stop them from Thriving,  i.e. reaching their full potential and effectively responding to circumstances around them.

These patterns may be hard for an individual to identify because they feel so “natural”.  They are “programs for behaviour” that are imprinted in us by our experience but are so familiar to us that we do not notice them.

That is where help of a therapist can be really beneficial: during the face-to-face Consultations we develop a joint understanding of your difficulties from a psychological perspective. In therapeutic work, this understanding is called a Formulation.  Formulation is a bit like a compass to your life so far.  It explains why you might be struggling with some areas of your life and suggests more helpful ways of guiding your life’s journey.

Formulation can feel very healing as it allows a person to remove some of the feelings of personal inadequacy (ie guilt and self-blame) by making them realise that sometimes choices they had in life were limited.  It can also be incredibly empowering as it shows precisely what needs to change for a fuller life to be lived.

Or you may know what changes you wish to make but need help in making them.  You may be aware of the difficulties you have struggled with for some time, such as low mood, anxiety, phobias, panic, OCD,  anger, relationship difficulties, adjustment difficulties, low self-esteem, adverse childhood experiences and their effects, unprocessed experience of loss (including loss of meaning), addictions and/or similar difficulties.  You might have even had some therapy for these issues, but have found change difficult to sustain or feel that life has lost its lustre since.

Because of my experience of working as a Senior Psychologist in a number of psychiatric hospitals as well as secondary mental health services, I am able to work also with people who experience more severe mental health difficulties.  In those cases, I will liaise with your GP and community mental health services to ensure I am working with you in a way that is as integrated and as safe as possible.

You can get in touch even if you are not sure what changes you need to make.  Maybe you are just feeling flat, stuck, tired, out of kilter with yourself and those around you. You want to move forward with your life find inspiration, motivation and energy to discover and pursue directions to give your life sense of purpose and meaning.

Designed for you

You are welcome to book a free 20-minute telephone Consultation: this helps me understand the difficulties you have and what you hope to achieve through working with me and get a quick sense whether the type of help I offer would be suitable for you.  If not, I will do my best to advise you what other support I believe maybe more appropriate.

If we both feel happy to go forward, we will arrange an online 1:1 Initial Consultation where we can talk in more depth about what is needed and how we can work together to achieve it.

Towards the end of the 1:1 Consultation process, we discuss options available to you.  We take into account your life-style, your preferred learning mode, the amount of time you have, your current skills and other resources as well as constraints.  We take care to agree steps that are realistic, achievable and that will move you closer towards your goals.

The current options include:

  • 1:1 online psychological therapy
  • Embody Resilience online group: this is a modular online programme in a small, supportive and confidential group. The programme that runs for 10 months, providing a comprehensive introduction to psychological knowledge base and evidence-based practices that support well-being.  The programme can be taken in blocks of 6 weeks .
  • Nature-assisted Therapy: in a beautiful private woodland in Kent, one Saturday per month for a year.

The groups can be taken as a stand-alone therapeutic offering or as an adjunct to 1:1 psychological therapy.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a FREE no-obligation 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss options.

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