Woodland Therapy Group

Woodland Therapy Group in Kent

with with Daniela Szukiel,  BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Elizabeth Dunn-Lowes, BACP Integrative Counsellor

Why work with Nature?

Benefits of spending time in nature for well-being have been well documented. At the time when meeting people indoors has been made more difficult, nature offers us a safe place to connect to others, to revitalise and enrich our senses. 

Woodland Therapy in Kent

We will meet once a month for a year to explore how what we see around us in the natural world can bring us to a visual, physical and symbolic encounter with the self and the unconscious. The relation of Nature’s cycle of birth, life and death can be reflected in our own journey through life with its personal struggles and obstacles.

The Course will use an approach developed by Ian Siddons Heginworth, author of “Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of Life”, a leading pioneer in this work. His idea of using the Celtic calendar, the turning of the year and the changing seasons provides a framework for this course.  Elizabeth and Daniela have trained with Ian over the last two years and have been greatly enriched by the deep and profound nature of this work.

When we work in nature, we can find hidden parts of ourselves and feel freedom to express them through gentle therapeutic exercises, which may involve a physical action, symbol or metaphor. This work feels safely contained by a small group experience providing confidential and emotional support.

The process is an individual journey and the depth of the experience is whatever feels is right for you, without judgement. Paying attention to your own emotional well-being and keeping yourself safe is of prime importance.  There will be time for reflection throughout the course, and the opportunity of sharing experiences with the group.

Time and location 

The course takes place in a peaceful, wild and beautiful woodland in Kent, the Garden of England.   We will meet once a month for a year, on every 2nd Saturday of each month from November 2020 to October 2021, 10.30am – 4.15pm.

The woodland is within 10-15 minute walking distance from Bekesbourne train station.  There are regular trains to Bekesbourne from London Victoria.  The cost is £95.00 per session .

Is it for me?

The course will benefit people who would like to enhance their well-being and feel more alive by establishing a deeper connection to themselves and to nature. Working in nature can reconnect us to our instincts and deep ways of knowing who we are, what is right for us, how to survive, how to be strong.  It can help us to honour and understand our feelings, to be playful and curious, to seek beauty, to care and to love. 

The work is particularly suitable for people who might have done some talking therapies in the past and are now looking for other ways to continue their journey of growth and self-development.  Whilst the Course is not designed to address individual significant difficulties, it could also work as an adjunct to 1:1 work.

Please contact Daniela with any questions or to arrange an Initial Consultation via Zoom (£40)  This will help us understand your needs better and together we can think whether the Course would be suitable for you. 

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